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About Annalisa


Annalisa Shanks is an emerging artist currently studying at Studio Incamminati, School of Contemporary Realist Art in Philadelphia. She comes from a family of realist painters, all of whom incorporate their respect for Renaissance and Baroque painting principles into their exploration of vibrant, stirring themes based in the here and now.

Annalisa has a strong background in creative arts with technical structures – she received an Associate Degree in Photography and a Bachelor’s in English Literature before committing to realist art. The two disciplines helped build a strong foundation of aesthetic, analytical, and communication skills which Annalisa exercises across the full spectrum of her artistic practice. An education in photography helped her pinpoint the visual motifs which, for her, translated into metaphysical poetry. The study of poetry and liberal arts fueled her insatiable desire to bring stories one step closer to life. Annalisa is currently occupied with academic work and foundational development at Studio Incamminati but has many plans for paintings inspired by her visual and literary background. 

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